The Diminishing Landscape addresses the increasingly problematic social and environmental issues present in Global society that places consumption above the wellbeing of our planet. The work acts as a metaphor for the loss and irreplaceable sublime nature of landscape.

The work is a large-scale projection installation that exposes the terrifying beauty of our ever-changing irreplaceable landscape, the destruction of Nature and the ideas of the Sublime. It raises awareness to this altered world and encourages the audience to consider their role within the environment.

50% of all trees in the world have been cut down in the last 10 years for reasons of money; Nature is used as a credit card, putting human greed above environmental needs.

Humanity has polluted the oceans through chemical contamination, by discharging toxic waste directly into waterways; killing off species and robbing them from their natural habitat.

The dramatic loss of Arctic sea ice is the result of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions that heat up the ice caps and melt them off. 

I believe that my generation is the foundation for taking care of the planet and to change the climate. Humans are a part of Nature and Mother Earth needs to be saved for future generations. 
Photography, as well as the medium of moving image is a part of activism, it is a movement to help and change the world. A powerful image can circulate so fast and make such an impact these days.  
Nature cannot be betrayed, it needs to be saved.